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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Day 4, Tuesday, July 8th, 2014

It seemed that we were translated from the USA to Spain! I have never experienced such an easy flight. Here are some of my impressions: love, so much love. Waking up to the sound of a boat being built outside my window. Very Hemmingway! The smell of food, the mountains, of life. Laughter!! Vibrant people. Even more... Vibrant Christians!! On fire, purposeful, dedicated Christians who are on one accord. You would think that our presence would disrupt the fabric, but no. We have been grafted into the fabric of Casa Berea. I am sharing a room with 4 monitors and 8 pre-teen girls. It is like a slumber party. I love it!! Giggling at night, whispering, transient lights from iPhones, iPads and mini-flashlights. Jokes, tears, stomach aches and questions!!!

The language is the only thing that is different. And we strive to close that gap each time we encounter one and another. We struggle to connect, but, no one is discouraged in the struggle. We are expanding. We are reaching to connect and to understand each other. Underneath it all is a sense of direction and God is in charge of the GPS. He is taking each one of us to a shared destination. Along the way, shedding the old wine skins and constructing new ones. We are discarding preconceptions on every level and turning ourselves over to discover more about God's purpose for our lives. Igniting new fires and flaming old embers into existence again.

Questions for God: Where are you taking me? What more can I do to be in service to you; to others? Declarations to God: I need more of you. I thirst for your word and your revelation. THANK YOU God for all that you are doing this week! May everyone that I meet, see all of you and hear and receive all that you have for them.
I am expecting miracles!!!

Cathy Gaddis

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