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Monday, July 7, 2014

Monday July 07, 2014 - Day 3

Today was our first full day of camp with the kids. Thankfully, the tent survived a storm in the night (They are super excited to have the tents!), but it continued to rain until this afternoon. So, it was a noisy day to have nearly 60 kids inside Casa Berea.  Also, three hours that were to be spent swimming had to be filled with activities!  Games (our team led those), worship, crafts, rest, and a movie filled our day.  We keep the kids going until 11:30 pm each day. So, nap time is greatly appreciated!!  

The Camp Director and Counselors have hearts for God, and it is truly touching to see them minister to each child. Many of the Counselors are college and high school students. Many local, some from the states and one from England that are here for several weeks of camps.  (In a couple of weeks, they will have English camp and serve pancakes for breakfast. So they are thankful for the syrup!). 

Today's skit was about Tinkerbell's jealousy of Wendy and Peter Pan and what can happen when we let that jealousy cause us to treat others wrongly.  The devotional then told the story of Cain and Abel. Then they ended with another skit showing Tinkerbell changing her actions to be kind toward Wendy and Peter Pan.  

The children are divided into teams (mermaids, lost boys, pirates, etc.). Each team is assigned a job for the day such as setting up for breakfast, lunch or dinner, or cleaning the bathrooms.  So they are contributing each day as a team.  

My favorite part of today was singing "My God is Greater" in Spanish.  What a blessing to worship God with our brothers and sisters in Barcelona at Casa Berea Camp!

Okay, I'm leading team devotions tomorrow at 8 am (each person on our team is taking a turn teaching on Ephesians) - now today since it is after midnight.  So goodnight, Barcelona. Buenos noches!

From Carla

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