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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Day 6 - Thursday, July 10, 2014

Camp Berea, in Spain

This summer camp has been an amazing experience for me thus far.  The campers are a group of 55-60 kids (can't seem to catch them all). LOL. The kids overall seem so content and easy to please.  They don't seem to complain.  I haven't heard; I don't eat that, I don't want that, are we done yet, do I have to clean that, things of this nature.  Dare I say it's refreshing.

The love and care that the staff have for the children leaves you speechless.  So much concern goes into every event, games, activities,food, and we'll being.  The young adults on staff as counselors are mostly college students.  They are so funny, creative, loving, & helpful.

The longer we are here, the language barrier seems to be less of a problem.  The kids try so hard to understand you and help us with our Spanish.  The up side is you have to convey your love through your actions, and not your words.  I regret not being able to speak the language.  I'm also more motivated to learn.  I have a new understand for someone trying to adapt to English.  Thanking God for is grace.

I won' tell you how good the food is, how many kids I want to bring home, how great the view is, how I like sleeping in bunk beds, dorm showers, or how much fun I'm having.  I will say that I'm forever grateful to my church and all those that help support this trip so that I might have this opportunity.

With all my Love,

Your Sister in Christ; Lynnette Malone

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